In the months ahead

The new 2017 academic year is about to start. I am now reflecting upon the achievements we had in 2016 and the challenges ahead, especially those related to professional development. One of our most highlighted accomplishments at British Council Uruguay last year was to set the foundations of a Continuing Professional Development culture through the use of two fundamental strategies:

1- A differentiated bottom up approach to quality management in remote teaching, which transforms quality standards into professional development opportunities for each teacher, and

2-  A staff generated Peer Observation scheme, which paves the way to genuine action research in remote teaching in our centre.

Now that we have explored the two frameworks suggested by the British Council Global (the Teaching for Success CPD Wheel and the Teaching English Peer Observation Guide), and that we have adapted them to our context, i.e. english remote teaching,  we will take further steps to make our Professional Remote Teachers community stronger.

And we will do it in the months ahead.

Featured image: “Bench with a view” Photo taken from, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license,


By adrianadelossantos

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