A new challenge for an old (¿?) teacher of English

ceibal en inglesThese are special days in my career. Nothing is more exciting than doing something you love in a promising, motivating and friendly environment. I’ve been recently hired to be part of “Ceibal en Inglés”, a programme managed by the British Council together with ANEP which aims at the universalization of English teaching in state schooling in Uruguay. I’ve always felt rewarded and full of pleasure for having chosen the teaching career as a profession but this working opportunity has given me more than joy: what I feel now is the wonderful chance to take my passion to very far away places in my country where, otherwise, learning English is very difficult if at all possible. Also, I’ve been told that my position in Ceibal had been previously occupied by a colleague of ours who had been hired to work in Philippines and so had to leave: Ms María Ema Mira, my former Diploma TESOL tutor and role model: it’s an honour to follow her steps.

However, I have to face a great challenge: to teach children without having them there, at the reach of my hand! My children will be in a northern province, Rivera, and I will be teaching from Latu in Montevideo. Teaching kids in itself is a challenge, let alone through videoconferencing! Let’s see what happens, my heart and my soul are full of motivation and eagerness to start right away…

At the same time, I’ll be working with a very professional team both from Ceibal and The British Council looking into the current plans and those of Cambridge YLE to see if more children can take this international exam. This also fills my soul with enthusiasm and motivation because I feel I can be useful for the project and can cooperate to make it successful also from the perspective of the planner.

All in all, these are more than special days, these are landmarks in my professional career.

Cheers then!


2 comments on “A new challenge for an old (¿?) teacher of English

  1. Congrats!!!!! I have no doubts you will succeed in this new challenge because you
    are an enthusiastic teacher with an incredible creativity. That’s exactly what kids need.

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