The journey back

...a path of yellow bougainvillea

…a path of yellow bougainvillea

It was back in 2010. The school where I had worked for such a long time, the community to which I had given my youngest teaching years, had to shut its doors for good. My soul in pain had been wandering around the TEFL fields of Uruguay, teaching here, teaching there for almost two years, until I received his phone call: “Che nena, venite para acá, qué andás haciendo vagando por ahí.”

My dearest Professor Daniel Gonda had found my CV while recruiting teachers for a position at a state school in Montevideo. After browsing it for a while, he thought that my profile did not meet the position being offered but that it might be high time I started working as a teacher trainer. Being the Course Director at that time, he helped me to take my first steps in the Trinity College CertTESOL at the Dickens Institute in Uruguay, which were a landmark in my professional life. 2010 is a year to remember, the blossom of a dormant passion awakened by this colleague and friend. He  passed away last year but he will remain in my spirit for ever as a tutor for life.

In the previous years, while working as a Coordinator of English Studies at the school, I had developed my career in General Education, Pedagogy and Philosophy of Education. This academic work as a Licentiate in Education had represented not only professional growth but a true life expansion. However, when I was given the opportunity of working in teacher training, I realized that without noticing it my professional life had been split in two:  the world of Philosophy of Education and the world of TESOL. I discovered then that my duty was to bridge this gap, to take the knowledge gained in one to the other, to make the good things of one have an impact on the other, and so on an so forth…

And this has been my walk of life in the last years, a journey back.

I remember I planted beautiful yellow bougainvillea back in 2010: they are a landmark. Now, while my curious spirit rejoices peacefully, I look through my window and see them bloom in this warm October… cannot avoid the sign, can I?

By adrianadelossantos

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